Short Term Drinking & Driving Lecture

Join us for an impactful two part lecture series addressing the critical issue of drinking and driving over the course of four hours we will delve into the sobering realities, legal implications, and safety measures surrounding this dangerous practice.

Certified substance abuse counselors will share insights, statistics and strategies in fostering responsible decision-making and promoting safer communities whether you are concerned citizens, students or a professional in law enforcement or healthcare.

This series promises to enlighten and empower attendees to make informed choices and advocate for change.

* Introduction to drinking and driving, discussion
* Effects on driving skills
* Understanding Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
* Legal consequences
* Prevention strategies
* Review questions and answers
* Certificate of completion

Classes are from 12 PM until 4 PM with multiple breaks every hour. 

The fee for the series will be hundred $150.00 per person with a one-time visit. The fee must be paid before starting the course, you can book your appointment with the course online

General rules for attendance:
You must be on time, 12 noon sharp.
Do not bring your cell phones to the lecture.
No Vaping, or cigarette smoking will be tolerated. 

The four hour course will be divided into four different topics;
I) The first hour will be, brief introductions and facts about drinking and driving.
II)The second hour will be devoted to physical,emotional and social effects of drinking and driving.
III) The third hour is understanding alcohol levels, legal consequences and the general laws regarding drinking.
IV) The fourth hour will include discussion of prevention strategies, plans to not drink and drive.