Patient Compliance Requirements

Patients at TKC Turning Point are Required to Maintain “Good Standing” during treatment for their own recovery and for the benefit of group participation. 

To maintain the quality of group counseling you are required to complete your counseling treatment within the given timeframe per your recommended treatment plan (see chart below) and to avoid excessive absences. 

Maintaining consistency in treatment is critical as with any intensive effort to overcome long established habits it only happens when patients are committed to the treatment plan and maintain a consistent engagement with therapy.

IMPORTANT: Patient "Non-Compliance" and Discharge

Long delays in treatment result in barriers to effective treatment and can risk you being discharged from treatment entirely. Discharge is irrevocable and final. A notification of discharge is sent to your Parole Officer, Attorney and/or Judge and could risk your status with the court.

Before becoming discharged you will be given a warning status as "Non-compliant" which can be remedied by attending a group session as soon as possible with 72 hours

  • Non-Compliance: If after 7 days without a treatment session (an unexcused absence) your treatment can become “non-compliant” which means you are not in “Good Standing” and risk jeopardizing your treatment plan. 
  • Pending Discharge: If after 10 days you have not attended a session you will receive a “Pending discharge” status. Your Parole Officer, Attorney and/or Judge will be notified of your “Pending Discharge” status. 
  • Discharge: After 14 days without attending a session your treatment plan is terminated and you are discharged. 
Warning: If you decide to come back to treatment after discharge you will be required to re-commence at zero sessions with a new assessment and treatment plan most likely with additional sessions. 


Absences: Patients are required to notify TKC of any excusable absences 24hrs before

However there are occasions when we can't make a session and we allow for the following excusable absences as follows:

 Number of Sessions  Time Frame Excusable Absences
6 Session Treatment 3 weeks 2 absences
12 Session Treatment 6 weeks 4 absences
18 Session Treatment 9 weeks 6 absences
24 Session Treatment 12 weeks 8 absences

*Excusable Absences: If you are unable to attend a pre-booked session, 24 hour notification must be made to the lead counselor or it is unexcused. Excessive unexcused absences could result in “non-compliance” and risk jeopardizing your treatment plan.