Assessment Results - Low Risk - Recommendations

Score: = likely to have alcohol dependence.
Result: Your score on the AUDIT assessment shows that you are likely to have alcohol dependence.
Prescriptive Actions: Your drinking could lead to harm, if it has not already. It is important that you cut down on alcohol or stop drinking completely.
Book a Professional Assessment
It is important that you take action on this, and we recommend that you seek an appointment with your medical doctor/physician. Your doctor will be able to determine the extent of your alcohol dependence and what action you should take and what treatment would be most appropriate. Your doctor is likely to advise that you abstain from alcohol and may well suggest you have blood tests to gauge the impact on your physical health.

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Alcohol dependence is a treatable condition and you may receive advice to engage in a treatment program, to take medications, to suppress the "driving force" of alcohol dependence, to enrol in a therapy program and to become involved with a self-help fellowship. We encourage you to seek advice as alcohol dependence can if untreated have a seriously progressive course.
People who engage in treatment can see their lives transformed and their health and well-being restored. We also encourage you to access the telephone advice lines and internet resources as are available in your own country.
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